Monday, August 09, 2010

More Staging...

I spent some more time this weekend
staging the house to sell.
I tackled the biggest job yet...
I turned my craft studio into a fourth bedroom!

I wish I had taken a before photo of the craft studio,
but just imagine a million shoebox-size rubbermaids
full of craft supplies and vintage finds,
cabinets stacked on tables, baskets of fabric and ribbons,
you get the picture?

Here is the "after" photo of the room...
 It took me 9 hours to transform it,
and it was somewhat difficult to do considering that I had already
boxed up most of my decorative items and accessories.

One of the other things I did was switch out the decor
in the upstairs bathroom.
This is actually "Bailey's bathroom",
so there was lots of pink and lots of flowers!
I bought a shower curtain for $10 at Home Goods
and a Laura Ashley towel for $5!
Now, it's a little less "taste specific"
and more versatile in style.

I've added some little touches here and there
and I'm still decluttering.

I decluttered the entry table and set our brochures on top of it.

I'm hoping that this amazing view will help to sell the house!
On a clear day, you can see the mountains
and Pikes Peak!

Jeff re-sodded the front and back yards,
so we now have the GREENEST grass in the neighborhood!

We haven't had any more requests for a showing,
but I'm hoping that with all of these changes,
when we DO show the house again,
it will SELL!!!


  1. best of luck selling your home!
    it looks like you did
    a great job staging!

  2. your staging style is basically my living style. :o) the right person will come around, i can assure you!

    a month ago my husband was offered a position in denver. since we're upside down in our mortgage (sigh) due to economic downturn and corporate didn't come through on necessary $ .. my husband turned down the position. all that to say - - we were seriously considering Castle Rock *if* we moved. your home is lovely and we would have seriously considered *it*. but...we're not moving from NorCal afterall.

    lovely blog. :o)


  3. good for you. staging does make a difference and will definitely help to get your home sold!!

  4. Great work! Your house looks beautiful. :) my dad lives near Jackson, Tn. Where are you guys moving too? Hope you're having a lovely weekend :) Good luck with the house!

  5. You shouldn't have problems getting people to love your house, it looks awesome!!!!


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