Friday, October 15, 2010

Catch up Time - the world's longest blog post!

I knew that my life had been busy lately,
but when I realized that it had been TWO months
since my last blog posting,
I nearly hit the floor! Really? TWO months already?!

I can barely recall what I did yesterday,
much less for the past 2 months.
 I'll have to go back to photographs to help me remember...
let's see....

My little girl started preschool in August...

 I had to release her into the real world...
hard at first, but loving it now!
I really look forward to those 5 hours a week
to call my own!
(I'm the room parent for her class,
so I've been doing some volunteer work on the side as well...
currently planning their Halloween Party!)
I participated in an outdoor market...
The Towne and Country Market in Castle Rock, CO

 My grandmother AKA "Mammaw Margie"
escaped Tennessee to visit us for a week...
We drove up to the Georgetown Loop to ride the train,
then drove up to the top of the Rocky Mountains BRRRR...
I found a new friend in an antique store in Georgetown...
 Street-lined shops and businesses in Georgetown...
Who knew there was a lighthouse in the middle of the mountains!?
In other family news...
 We took Bailey to the Denver Children's Museum last month
and I oohed and ahhhhed over some of their decor...
While Bailey played, I snapped pics of all of the fixtures and decor...
I would love to someday create a space like this for her in our home!
On October 1st, there was a trip to the Children's Hospital...
heartbreaking and scary.
It was a planned visit for a dental procedure
where she was under general anesthesia.
It was pitiful to see...
but everything turned out just fine in the end.
(sorry the pic is blurry - took it with my Blackberry)
Next came my 34th birthday on October 9th...
Bailey woke me up singing "Happy Birthday"
and insisted on having cake (store-bought brownie cake)
 at 9:30am!
(Love the pjs?
Ignore the messy pantry behind me (next project)...
got a new coffee maker too!)
My aunt in Boulder kept Bailey for the day
so that my husband and I could go up to Estes Park -
It was so nice and relaxing!
We took the Ghost Tour at the Stanley Hotel,
then sat outside on the gigantic porch of the Stanley
with our Starbucks : )
(Watch Ghost Adventures tonight on the Travel Channel 
-they are investigating the Stanley!)
 In business news AKA shop talk...
I was planning to close down my shop in The Barn...
even had a 75% off rid of everything
and THEN...
My friend Amy offered to let me rent a small space in her shop!
I wanted to downsize because
I have no idea when our house will sell...
Just needed a little less upkeep, I guess.'s the finished product.

 I have decided to change the name of my shop/business to 
I am currently working on a website to sell from.
I am also creating a new blog for Farmhouse Vintage
and setting up a shop on Etsy as well.
Stay Tuned for more info on that...
Our house is still on the market -
 but the market is VERY SLOW right now.

 I have decided to re-claim my house in the meantime.
In August, I turned my craft studio into an extra bedroom
and have been MISSING all of my supplies... I have turned it back into my crafting studio...
new and improved!
My sweet hubby went shopping with me
and stayed up late the past 2 nights putting together furniture
to allow me to get organized in a fashionable manner!
I am so excited about my new creative space!
I hope to finish it up over the weekend and will post
photos of the finished product!

So folks...this is what has been keeping me busy. 
I promise not to be absent for so long this time!! 

Thank you for taking the time to catch up with me!!!


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  1. hi... How are you? great to see your post. You have to go look at my blog because I was in Georgetown and took some pictures too. We shot a picture of the same building. It was like 2 or 3 posts again.

    Tell me where your shop is? In the Barn? love the name!!!


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