Friday, August 06, 2010

The Douglas County Fair

We've lived in Douglas County, Colorado for almost 3 years now
and have never gone to the Douglas County Fair.
So....we decided to check it out last night.
I'm used to huge fairs in Tennessee,
forgetting that I'm living in a pretty small town now,
the fair was less than impressive.
Bailey had a blast though!
There were mostly kiddy rides,
and unfortunately, since she's under 42",
we had to ride most of them with her!
(Seeing Jeff get into this tiny airplane with her was HILARIOUS!)
There were lots of farm animals...
some very LOUD and hungry pigs,
some goats and cows, etc.

Although, I've been to much better carnivals,
I'm glad we atleast gave it a chance this year.
On another note...
our house has been on the market
for 2 weeks now and we've only had ONE showing!
The feedback was good, however.
They said it showed "excellent" and
they are "somewhat interested"
and rated the house a 4 out of 5.

 I'm flipping my craft studio into an extra bedroom.
I'm hoping that a 4th bedroom will be more appealing to buyers
     than a room that resembles a disoriented Michael's Craft Store!
Staging is tough work!
I sent the family out tonight so I can get some work done!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. Love the pic of your hubby in that LITTLE airplane! Great idea to stage that room as a bedroom...then it might open the eyes of more buyers...wishing you well on selling it soon.


  2. The fair looks like it was fun! Good luck with your selling your house. The market is pretty tough in my area and we've decided to rent it out probably next spring instead of trying to sell.



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