Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And so it begins...

Our house is officially on the market now...
in the MLS, on the web, sign in the yard, etc.

We had one call that someone wanted to view it, but...
They never showed up!
I scrambled and cleaned,
left the house (stuck the dog in the pickup)
for 2 hours

all for nothing!

And so it begins...

Selling a house is so exhausting, as many of you know.
Everything has to remain spotless, de-personalized, and "unlived in"
until the right person comes along to buy it.
I'm hoping and praying
 that this will not be an extremely lengthy process.

I miss my things...
my clutter, my photographs,
my energy...

We received the flyers today...
the photograph they took of the front yard is terrible!
We definitely should've waited until AFTER we re-sodded the yard
and the angle is not good.
We're going to take another one!
(It's really hard to keep grass alive in Colorado!)

Here's the link on the web...

We are having to list the house $16,000 below what we owe on it...
There's no other way around it though..
the market is just really tough right now.
Great for buyers though!
I can't wait until I get to go hunting for our new home!

I was really hoping to be back in Tennessee before Fall.
There is nothing like a Tennessee Fall!

I love it!

In the meantime, I've had everything in my shop 40% off
for over a week now.
I was able to get rid of ALOT of things.
Now, I guess I'm sort of starting with a
clean slate
until we get the house sold.


  1. Yeah- I am not crazy about the photos. The house looks really great, but at the same time I think the wide angle thing is a little much. The house IS huge and I think the wide angle shots make it look like it's actually small and that the realtor is trying to make it look larger...That kitchen looks wonderful, though! I cannot wait til y'all are back here! Hopefully there will still be a few warm days where we can drop Bailey off at Mamaw's and you and I can go driving through Shelby Forest in the convertible! It's heaven!

    ANNNND we can go back to the zoo with Baileyboo! Maybe y'all will be back in time for Zoo Boo!

  2. Good luck! Cooper can't wait until y'all (OK, Bailey) is back in Tennessee!!

  3. I am sad to hear that it is official..that you are REALLY moving home. I know how much you love TN and I know that is where your heart is. I feel so blessed for the time I was able to get to know you.

  4. Good luck with trying to sell the house. We didn't get a chance to see eachother at all this past few months. Too bad for busy lives. Hopefully we can find the time to have a glass of wine before you go.

  5. Oh I am hoping that a fierce bidding war soon begins over your darling home and you receive the full price.


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