Monday, July 05, 2010

Vacation Photos

Well, we're back!
It was a short, yet long,
week in Tennessee.
Bailey did wonderful on the plane
 - both flights!
We flew back in last night
after an "emergency landing"
in Amarillo, TX
(the plane was out of gas!).
After MUCH airborne turbulence,
we arrived back in Denver (3 hours late).

Our week was filled
with lots of family chaos
and TONS of kids!
We spent most of our time
catching up with everyone,
 but I managed to squeeze in
a few hours of antiquing!

This is one of my favorite little shops
in the small town of
Henderson, Tennessee.

 Henderson is a small town in TN -
about 30 minutes from "Jackson"
(enter Johnny Cash song here...)

Here are some other photos taken in Henderson.
I love the historic downtown area
and all of the old homes.
We always go to the Old Country Store in Jackson, TN.
It's been a favorite of mine since I was a kid!
I love all the old signs....
American Pickers would have a great time here!
World's largest Ball Jar???

Tuesday night is Bluegrass Night in the ice cream parlor...
This is the home of Casey Jones...
Remember when playgrounds had merry-go-rounds?
Probably one of the last operating Piggly Wiggly stores...
Maybe this is why...
Notice anything strange???
That's right...
they don't refridgerate the cheese or butter!!!!!
 I passed on both...

These are my parents...
they divorced about 28 years ago,
but my father always insists on having
his photo taken with my mom.
My sisters, husband, and brother-in-law...
Me and my hubby relaxing while Bailey napped...
My sweet Bailey-doo
Gotta watch out for Tennessee boys...
they start 'em early!
My brother roasting marshmellows...
Now it's back to the real world...
I need a vacation after my vacation!
I'm exhausted and caught a cold / allergic reaction
after hiking in the woods on Friday night.
It's good to be back home though...

Next on the agenda...
getting the house ready to put up for sale!
Anyone want to buy a house in Parker, CO?


  1. Destiny,
    I would like to thank you again for the Target gift card...I got some real cute brown shoes and I really love them! Looks like you had a great time in TN with your family...your little Bailey is just a doll! Jackson looks like a real neat town.


  2. (*Trying to think if we bought butter for our cabin from Piggly Wiggly?!)

    Great pics, Destiny! Now I'm wishing we'd driven up to the Casey Jones Village for dinner one night, too. I always liked that place while in college.

  3. Love all the photos of the homes...dreamy. Secondly...that is NOT butter or cheese..just sayin my dear. Thirdly...your husband is hunky:-) Last of all...that little boy even touched the face when he kissed your daughter...good training!!!

  4. That ball jar is too funny! Great photos!



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