Friday, September 04, 2009

Waterloo Bridge

I've always been passionate about classic
(AKA "old") movies.
  "Gone With the Wind", "It's a Wonderful Life",
"Rebel Without a Cause", "East of Eden", etc.
I recently watched a movie called
"Waterloo Bridge"
 that was a wonderfully romantic,
though tragic, movie.
I've always loved Vivien Leigh.
There's just something
really mysterious and romantic about her.
Aside from her obvious beauty,
her eyes always seemed
to truly be "the windows to her soul".
If you've ever read a biography on her
(or watched one on TMC),
you know what I'm talking about.
Her life was full, but her heart was always empty.
She suffered from depression
and, later, tuberculosis.
It was said that one of her best qualities
as an actress was her ability to "cry on demand".
She pulled emotion from her life to create
amazing emotional scenes on the big screen.
If you haven't seen this movie, you MUST!

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