Monday, August 31, 2009

My Favorite Fall Treat!

Fall has always been my favorite season.
I love the cool air, the sound of windchimes blowing in the breeze, the sounds of a football game playing on tv,
and a warm cup of hot cider!
I've always been a huge fan of
Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang,
so imagine my excitement last year
when I found this
Snoopy Tin filled with Caramel Apple Hot Cider!
You can only find it in the fall
and I've been searching the stores
for the past month just waiting for it to arrive!
I had my "momma's day out" yesterday
and decided to stop by Home Goods
(which I'd never been to before and LOVE!)
They had 4 tins of my favorite Snoopy Cider
on their shelf and I bought them all!
My husband loves it even more than I do
and my daughter had her first taste of it
last night.
We made chocolate chip cookies and had
our Snoopy Apple Caramel Hot Cider
(hers being lukewarm).
What a great way to welcome Fall!
(I's technically not Fall,
but we've had some great
Fall-like weather
here in Colorado this past weekend!)

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  1. hi i just found your blog thru stash... i just got their newsletter! Welcome to blogging! I just love it! I love fall too! Happy Friday!


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