Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Annual Pine Cone Collecting

It has become tradition for my husband and I
to take my daughter, Bailey to pick (collect) pine cones
each fall since moving to Colorado.
We live down the road from a beautiful state park
called Castlewood Canyon Park.
The park has beautiful trails to walk, beautiful scenery,
and tons of pine cones!
The photo below shows my daughter collecting pine cones last fall.
The following photos are from this year.
It's AMAZING how fast children grow up!
I often find myself wishing she were older
so we could do more, travel more, etc.
It takes moments like this for me to realize
that I'm wishing away her "babyhood" and I DO NOT want to do that.
I am gradually learning to treasure these times
for I know I will truly miss them once they are gone.
My sweet little Bailey is becoming a beautiful little girl
right before my eyes
and I thank God for photos ~what would we do without them
and the ability to capture so many precious moments? 
These photos will last a lifetime...
and I know someday she will be able to look back
on these photos and have her own memories
of these times.

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