Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm So Excited!!!

In about a week, I'll be gathering up my family
and heading home
to Tennessee!
We haven't visited our families since Dec.'08
 We've decided to give ourselves a vacation within a vacation.
Not only are we going to visit family back home,
but we're going to stay at...
It's about an hour and a half from where our families are,
but well worth the drive!
My father and his family rented cabins there every summer when he was a kid. The tradition continued and our family rents out
about 7 of the 13 cabins every summer during the same week...
sort of a family reunion, I guess.
I have so many memories there!
~ It holds a special place in my heart~
The park has changed over the years
due to lack of financial backup from the state of Tennessee.
It still has a lot to offer though...cabins
(updated with cable, etc.),
horseback riding, a swim beach (lake with sand),
hiking trails around the lake, paddleboats, fishing,
a beautiful restaurant that overlooks the lake,
an old springhouse,
archery, basketball, a playground for the kids,
camping, and mostly just a relaxing environment
filled with the chirping of crickets, the sounds of frogs, owls, etc.
Nature at its best!
There's a beautiful wooden bridge
that leads out over the lake to a covered seating area.
That's where we would always hang out
when I was a young(er) girl!
We would always carve our names in the wood.
I first had my name carved and later added the heart with "Jeff"
the first time I took him there.
Bailey's name was also added after she was born.
 I am really looking forward to spending a week there
and our cabins are already booked for next summer as well!
I'm SO excited!


  1. never even noticed that i WAS being ladylike in this photo!

    how things change...:)


  2. aaaaand i am wearing the "phoebo" shirt.

    that is lavender.
    and has a unicorn AND a rainbow airbrushed onto the front of it.


  3. I hate that we might not see y'all next week when you're in the area, since we're heading to middle Tennessee for my family's baby shower. Please call Val and try to arrange something!


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