Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Time of My Life...

(Photo from Lions Gate Entertainment)
I guess we all know by now that Patrick Swayze
passed away yesterday.
It feels like the end of an era to me.
I was 11 years old when "Dirty Dancing" 
was released in 1987.
It seems like yesterday when my aunt
took my cousin Phoebe and I to see it.
I had no idea what I was going to see...
 I remember being head over heels for him after the first scene
that showed him dancing "afterhours"
in the "secret room".
After the movie,
 there was the soundtrack that carried me
through the remainder of my childhood
and up through my karaoke years...
singing "Time of My Life"
with anyone who would join me.
Going back to my "Chickasaw State Park" memories,
we would sit out on the bridge or the playground late at night
and play the soundtrack on our "boombox".
Chickasaw was very much like the movie to us...
it had paths that led down through the woods to the bridge, etc.
I guess we felt like we were living in that movie ~ crazy kids.
It's one of those movies that you never get tired of
watching over and over again!
Now...almost 23 years later,
time has flown by and the end of an era has arrived
with the death of Patrick Swayze.
I know that I'm getting older when
my "teen hearthrob" has passed away.
I was going to watch the movie last night in memory of him,
but my daughter was up until almost 11pm...
so tonight's the night...
I will sit back in my recliner, watch "Dirty Dancing"
and reminisce about
 "The Time of My Life"


  1. Comment from my dad:
    "That was really good too. Do you remember that it was at Chickasaw acting out one of the scenes that I messed up my knees for life? I ran and jumped from the back of the lodge over the steps to the concrete like he did from the stage but the concrete didn't give as much as the wood did. I have had problems with them ever since that day. But, I had the time of my life."

  2. "Remember, I was only 35 then. I was in much better shape than now. I was faster than all of the boys that you knew. I may not have had a six pack, but I wasn't carrying around the keg like I do now. Love, Dad"

  3. Who didn't love that movie? It doesn't seem like that much time could really have gone by!!! Congrats on starting the blog..it looks great.

  4. Obligatory quote for the ages: "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"

    Although I prefer to remember the "Roadhouse" Swayze, kicking butt and taking names.


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