Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time to Pack Our Bags...

Well, tomorrow's the big day...
We leave for Tennessee to visit
I've finished the laundry, but haven't even begun
to pack our suitcases yet!
Gotta pack light these days since
they charge you to check your bags now!
I'm so excited for Bailey to be flying.
She's been on several plane trips, but this one seems different since she's a bit older now.
I think she'll enjoy it more now.
I've been blessed in the past with her amazing behavior on plane trips.
that she does well for this one as well!
I've bought new DVDs for her to watch,
books, crayons and coloring books,
and am in the process of coming up with some creative
"plane games"
to play with her.
I've got my lists written out for what I need to pack
and they are quite extensive.
Having to pack so much for Bailey means
that I have to become a true minimalist 
which is NOT me at all!
Between the clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, toiletries, cameras, magazines, books, and notebooks...
I will need an extra seat on the plane!
I am really anticipating her excitement
when she sees the plane and then realizes that
she's going to "ride" on one.
I'm also excited for my family to see
how she's grown this past year.
I can't wait to visit my FAVORITE antique store in Memphis

(Serendipity Antiques and Tea Room)

Their prices are unbelievably LOW!
Other places I love to visit while in town...
My grandfather's gravesite (both of them),
other antique stores, friends, family,
Cracker Barrel, McCalister's Deli,
my hometown's annual Fall Festival.
Another adventure awaits us and
tons of new memories will be created.
Photos will be taken ~ hundreds, I'm sure!
Most of all, I can escape this Colorado cold
for a beautiful Tennessee Fall
(probably with raindrops sprinkled on top).

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