Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There's No Place Like Home...

Our vacation is over and it's back to the real world.
It's always sad when a vacation has come to an end,
but regardless of where we live,
we always agree that
There's No Place Like Home.
Even if "home" is really in Tennessee,
our HOME is currently here in Colorado
and that's where we find comfort...
 I love being surrounded by all of my collected treasures,
being able to sleep in my own bed,
having access to my computer
 (we didn't have internet access in our cabin in the forest)
and being able to watch Bailey play with all her toys.
Our trip to Tennessee was fun,
but VERY exhausting.
Our cabin was an hour and a half away from where our families live,
so we had alot of driving to do each day.
Bailey was an ANGEL on the trip.
I am so blessed to have such a well-behaved 2-year-old!
She had many adventures including being able to "fly" the airplane,

her first roller coaster ride
at the fair in my hometown of Bartlett, TN.,

and dancing all across the state of Tennessee!

We visited The Old Country Store in Jackson, TN
where we sat and listened to a bluegrass jam session all night.
Bailey danced there and
again at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville.
She LOVES music!
We visited family and relaxed at the end of each day
in our small cabin in the woods.

We miss Tennessee so much and hope to move
back to the South
sometime in the near future.
But for now, it's back to doing laundry, washing dishes,
cleaning up toys that have found their way into every room of the house,
checking e-mails, feeding the dog, crafting,
working, and dreaming of our next vacation!
There really is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!


  1. welcome back! Looks like you had a great trip! Your daughter is darling!

  2. Hi Destiny, thanks for coming over for a visit with me. Your little Bailey is adorable, looks like you had a fun vacation!

  3. So glad that you are home safe. Cute, cute photos of your beautiful daughter.

  4. Just stopped by and have to say that your blog is sooo adorable. I love the style. And your little one is precious.


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