Friday, May 07, 2010

New Desk, Rearranging, and A Room With a View

I purchased an old white table a few months ago
from my friend, Alice.
I stored it in my shop for a while
and finally brought it home a couple of weeks ago.

Formerly a drop-leaf table, this cute little table is now my desk.
I wanted to create a relaxing place
for me to sit and relax, write, blog, surf the internet, etc.

I convinced my husband
to rearrange some of the furniture in our bedroom.
(The only room in my house not taken over by the Fisher Price Little People)

He was sweet enough to move his dresser
into his closet to free up some wall space.

I moved my vanity to the wall and placed this cute little table
in front of my bay window.

I have a beautiful, panoramic view of an open space with
Pikes Peak off in the distance.
I have been spending SO much time sitting here during the day
with the windows open enjoying the view
(and MANY cups of coffee)!

The next thing on my wish-list
is something to hide the cords beneath the table!
All creative ideas are certainly welcome!

Until Next Time...


  1. Destiny,
    What a beautiful view from your pretty desk! I saw here in blogland where someone used a box to cover up cords...I can't remember the name of her blog:( I do remember that she covered it with wrapping paper and I think it was a cereal box...fabric would also work well for covering the box. Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Your special spot is just gorgeous. Your view is amazing,

  3. I HATE cords! You can use zip ties to keep them together (and then clip the ends of the tie off so they don't look so weird...or you can buy plastic tubing that will bundle the cords together. Then you could wrap them in ribbon to make them pretty. ;)

  4. Everything about that spot is gorgeous - the desk, chair, view! Your blog is gorgeous too. And thank you so much for your helpful comment today. I forgot to mention the chandelier as I am currently looking for one that will suit the bathroom..I've added it to the post now! I'm really looking forward to having a look around your blog and following along..Rachaelxx By the way, Bailey is so cute!

  5. What a great place! Who wouldn't want that kind of view while blogging! Wishing you and your lovely blog a wonderful weekend!

    Kristin xx

  6. What a sweet seat! Ah cords. I have mine dressed up in fabric covers.

  7. Oh! I'm so jealous... what an inspirational desk and view! I've been yearning for the Pottery Barn white desk for years, and keep saying I will write more once I have my desk. Such a beautiful setup! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Hi Destiny!

    I am so glad you "found me" and stopped by my blog. Your blog is just BEAUTIFUL! Love your space and the view is too good - I wouldn't get work done, I would be looking out the window all the time! :-) When I owned a shop, I was the queen of cords - I had millions it seemed. And I hated them!

    For your desk, (I had the same situation a dozen times) this is what I did: I would zip tie them and get clear, very sticky mailing tape and tape the cords to the back of the desk (or table) and then run them down the back side of the table leg and tape them down the back of the leg. If they aren't long enough, get an extension cord...I know, another cord! When they run along the wall, I would actually PAINT the cords to match the wall or trim color and no one ever noticed them. In fact, on my blog, in my before and after kitchen post, there are two cords that are in PLAIN sight that most people can't even see. One cord is painted two colors - the color of the wall and the color of the black cabinet because of the way it hangs.

    Your office is just so nice...thanks for sharing - I will be back soon!

    Elizabeth :-)

  9. I just found you from Rubies Place and i love your blog. I am a new blogger of about a month and totally glad i started because its been such a positive experience for me. Your view and your desk is amazing! Pop in to say if you have a chance


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