Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Visit with Santa

First let me say this...
I hope her face doesn't freeze like this...
not very attractive,
but SO funny!

I plan to blackmail my daughter some day
with all of her Santa photos!

We visited Santa Claus at
The Barn Antiques in Castle Rock, today.

Bailey did good at first...

She gave her "letter" to Santa
(which was a scribbly crayon drawing of
what she said was a puppy dog and a baby doll)

She even said "Hi Santa".
Everything was going smoothly and I thought...

"This is the year that she's going
to sit in Santa's lap without crying!"


She started to freak out as soon as I tried to put her on his lap.
(Hence the reason I got stuck in the Santa photo AGAIN!)

Thanks to Melanie who snapped the photo for me...

Bailey walked away (unscarred) happily with a sugar cookie
and has been talking about Santa for the rest of the day
as if he were her best friend!
Gotta love kids!

Oh, did I mention that sometimes a child is worse than a cat
when it comes to being around Christmas trees?

The photo below says it all!

This is "Bailey's Tree" ~ the one with all of the kiddy ornaments.
She likes to move them around frequently.
Sometimes, they get stuck.
Afterwards she said...
"Don't worry momma, Daddy fix it."

Hope you're all having a lovely, and HUMOROUS weekend!


  1. Love the 19 year old daughter still gets crazy about us displaying her "funny" santa pic...her boyfriend is coming to visit with us during the holidays and I'm sure she will want us to take it down...this will be his first visit to our home...hubby says it's staying put:) I have posted it on my blog if you want a good laugh. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


  2. Ahhhh......I have a picture of my daughter with just about that same expression....It's just the best time in life though....there's nothing more fun than watching your little ones enjoy Christmas.........Actually more fun that when you were a kid yourself!

    Warm blessings,

  3. Destiny this is so funny! Wish I could have been there to see it! BTW love love love our Barn blog, and Barn website! You did an outstanding job, you have been sorely missed and I'm so glad you are back!!! See you Tuesday, I think!

  4. Too funny and fabulous memories. Happy weekend to you!

  5. that santa picture is priceless!!! her face says it all :) very cute!

  6. That is hilarious!!! Your expression is priceless too!

  7. Your daughter is beautiful! That is so funny, my daughter says that to me all the time as well! Looks like she had a lot of fun, and that santa pic ~ so cute!


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