Monday, May 09, 2011

Mini Renovation Updates...

I realize that I've been M.I.A. for well over a month...
I've been getting back to living life here in Colorado
after our changes with not moving back to TN, etc.

First thing on my list was to have the walls painted
(see previous post).
Next was to have the cabinets painted.
Both tasks have been completed and
I am SO happy with the outcome of both!

There was a great deal of turmoil
in my life regarding the color of paint to use!

(sideway shot of all of the options we were choosing from...)
Best of all, my husband agreed to hire out the work
and what would've taken him well over a month to complete,
took the contractors 2 days!
The price was right too!
We had 3 fairly large rooms
and all of our cabinetry (island included)
painted for under $1000!

Here are some photos of the finished product(s).
Click on the photos for a larger view.

(we chose Behr Sand Stone Cove for the dining/living rooms
and Swan Wing for the cabinetry)

  I'm in the process of re-accessorizing now and
hope to have everything completed
before out-of-town guests arrive next month!
I'm planning on purchasing some new lighting fixtures
and adding a fixture above the kitchen sink.

Remember the ugly golden oak railings?
They look 100% better now!!!

Above is the Before Photo

Above is the After Photo

 On the agenda for the dining room and living room...
new lighting fixtures.
I've always felt that the fixture above the dining table
was too large and not really my style.
(it was here when we moved in).
Next on my list of projects is to redo the
overall look of my bedroom.
It is currently browns and white.
I'm going with blues now...
I've really been craving COLOR lately!
I'll post photos when it's complete!
(having issues with curtains right now!)

Hope your week is off to a great start!!!



  1. Hi Destiny...missed seeing your posts!
    But, you've been busy creating beautiful spaces and shared them with us so it's ok! Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. What an amazing transformation! It looks awesome, much more your style now. I need to paint and I dread it! I'm too cheap to have someone else do it though. It looks great!


  3. Wow, looks a different kitchen. Thanks also for turning me on to your blog!

  4. Hi Destiny!
    LOVE what you have done...the change is amazing...and I love the accessories too...that black ticking is so, so cute!


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