Wednesday, February 02, 2011

White Wednesday, Cold Temps and Shop News...

Well, it's Wednesday...AGAIN!
I've been stuck in the house for a few days
because of the extremely cold temperatures here in Colorado!
We're talking -17 as the actual temperature
with wind chill temps around -27!
The shop has been closed and Bailey's school was closed....
It was hard explaining to Bailey
 why she couldn't go out and play in the snow this time.
I basically told her if she did,
her face would freeze off!
She learned to accept the
"no sledding and no snowman-building this week" policy.
In the meantime, I seem to have come down
with a slight case of Bronchitis.
I feel fine, but have a nagging cough and haven't been sleeping well.
(Like how I'm inserting random White Wednesday photos
in the midst of the boring details of my week?)
I've been in nesting mode...well, somewhat.
I was tired of my black bread box
and couldn't get out of the house to go buy a new one,
so I painted it white!
Then there was my canister concern...
Which ones to display on my kitchen counter....
My final choice was the clear canisters shown below.
Now I'm on a mission to find 2 more cute little teacups!
(By the way...if you like the silver canisters,
they'll be available in my online shop tonight.)
 In shop news...
I 've been spending some time working on my website
I've added some items for sale and changed up the look completely!

I also added some things to my new Etsy shop.

As for this little guy...
I think he's green thumbs here!
I stuck him outside for some sun and forgot about him.... least the cute little enamel container is salvageable!

Hop on over to my other blog for more White Wednesday...



  1. Cozy up and stay warm!I love your use of teacups in the canisters. So Sweet!

  2. Hi Destiny...hope you feel better very soon! Love your photos...I'm off to check out your shops!

  3. Destiny,
    Wow! You are having some cold weather! We have also but not quite that cold! We are supposed to get an inch of snow Friday night but then get a little warmer. Hope you are feeling better! I was going to tell you pull on some boots and go get some coffee but sounds like you won't be going anywhere soon with that cold and snow! Looks like youv'e been keeping yourself busy, everything looks great! So, bundle up on the sofa with a good cup of coffee and just enjoy!
    Back to visit soon!


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