Sunday, December 19, 2010

Goodwill Gift Challenge!

I was bored yesterday and said to my husband...
"Hey! You know what would be fun!?
Let's go to the Goodwill and see who
can put together the best collecton of gifts for the other person!
Whoever finds and puts together the best collection wins!" we went to the nearest Goodwill store.
Keep in mind that in Memphis, TN (where we moved to Colorado from),
the Goodwill stores are pretty disgusting...
I went in once and never returned!
However, here in Colorado,
they are much nicer...
cleaner, nicer products, I'm a fan.
The challenge proved to be a bit tough for me...
It's hard to find "man stuff" at the Goodwill that doesn't disgust me.
(You know...greasy, used-up tools, old socks, broken golf clubs, chipped beer mugs...)
On the other hand, I found some great treasures along the way for myself...
Like a vintage rolling cart for SIX BUCKS!!!

Back to the challenge...
I started to find bits and pieces for my collection and found
that I did better in the book/CD section.
My daughter found a cowboy hat Christmas ornament and yelled out
"daddy LOVES cowboys!"
Really? I didn't know that....

An hour later,
we had filled our carts
(peeked when the other wasn't looking)
and checked out!

 I LOVE my Goodwill Gifts!
I got several like-new hardcover home decor books...
even one that I ALMOST bought at Anthropologie last week!
A John Lennon CD, a Hootie and the Blowfish CD (yes you read that right...),
A cute little galvanized watering can,
a "DODO Bird" (pronounced DOUGH DOUGH)bobblehead
(as my husband calls it...I think it's really an owl?),
a cigar box, and some other goodies tossed in as well!

He ended up with
a metal security box, a brand new Hank Williams (Sr.)CD,
A brand new package of shoelaces (LOL),
some REALLY nice Civil War History Books
(He loves anything to do with the history of the Civil War)
Three "Sniglets" books (remember those?),
A David Letterman Book of Top Ten Lists,
a brand new feaux leather CD case..haha,
an organizational box with label holder,
some heavy-duty rope,
and ofcourse, the cowboy hat ornament!

I think he won the collection from him was much better!

We had SO much fun with this!
I think we may go for round 2 this evening at a different Goodwill!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend and are having
LOTS of Holiday fun!


  1. What a great and fun idea!! Wonder if I could get my guy to play?!

  2. That is a very cool idea, Destiny! And yes, I agree, trying this in our Goodwill stores probably would be pretty icky.


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