Wednesday, January 13, 2010

White Wednesday #4

I'm beginning to struggle with finding items in my home to show
for White Wednesday!
I'm going to have to get creative for next week
and either go shopping
or do some internet searches!

Many of the items in my home were created by a good friend of mine,
Amy Smith of French Vanilla.
She is incredibly talented and creative...
and her prices are amazingly reasonable!
(She created the basket in the photo above.)

I love Rosemary plants!
I've managed to kill 3 of them, however,
so... I found this great
"Faux Potted Rosemary Plant" for $30!
It will last forever and I won't feel guilty for killing it!

Another "French Vanilla" item...

(The mirror was created by Alice Liewer of Alice's Country Cottage)

I LOVE vintage glass lamps!

(I found this sign on the property of a farm down the street!
I photographed it, then printed it to put in my kitchen shadow box.)

I found these great European travel books
 at a local thrift store for 50 cents each!

That's all for this week's White Wednesday!
Check out the link on my sidebar
to see the other White Wednesday Participants!


  1. WOW...I love all of your white treasures...your blog is lovely and I will be back to visit!
    Happy Sunday xOxO Nerina

  2. oh, i just love that vintage glass lamp...that's exactly what i have been looking for, for the bedroom side tables :)

  3. Great items and photos!!! That sign is awesome!

  4. That sign cracked me up and it's so true! I want one. Happy White Wednesday! xo

  5. Perfect WW photos ~ I started to collect those Dundee jars and then they got really $$$$ ~ love them. This was my first WW and I will probably be good for a few months ~ lots of white pets and it snows here a lot:) have a perfect day ~

  6. WOW one beautiful photo after another! Your whites are all so lovely! The rosemary actually caught my attention because I thought it was real until I read otherwise and I was thinking how hard it is to keep rosemary alive looks great!

    :) T

  7. what a clever idea to take a photo of a sign and reprint it. I just love that.

  8. I have that very same lamp! Vintage glass lamps add such a special touch to a room. Love the shape of that one!!


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