Friday, November 06, 2009

Busy as a Bee

I've been busy as a bee this past week!
I've been rearranging and decluttering my home.
My biggest project was painting some furniture
that I've been wanting to paint for years!

About 5 years ago,
I purchased a vintage dining room set
(china cabinet with matching buffet/sideboard table)
in Memphis, TN for $375!
Back then, I was living in a
very modern-style
1960 ranch-style home just outside of Memphis.
To fit the style of my home,
my decor was very modern as well...
so the dining set seemed to be a perfect fit
at that time.

After leaving Tennessee, I was ready to conform to a more
vintage, cottage-style.
The dining room set followed me to Colorado, but has been screaming for me to paint it ever since!
I would say "yeah, I'm going to paint it white."
Then I'd say, "no, I don't want EVERYTHING to be white."

Well, yesterday I did it!
I painted the dining set white and I love it!
It matches everything so much better now.
 I still haven't distressed it or switched out the hardware on it,
but the painting itself is complete.

I've taken on many projects this week to keep myself from decorating for Christmas so soon!
I'm just itchin' to bring everything out, but for now,
all of the rubbermaids are out of the attic
and lined up in the basement floor...
awaiting their big debut...VERY SOON!

In the meantime, my daughter and I
have been frequenting Target
and getting revved up for the holidays!
We even drove around and looked at
Christmas lights this evening. 
(Can you believe that people already have their lights up?!)

Do you remember Linus talking about
the commercialization of Christmas?
(FYI ~ I'm a huge Peanuts / Snoopy fan!)

Guess he knew what he was talking about...

By the way...
Target is selling the little
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree this year!
I've GOT to get one!


  1. Very nice... he set is beautiful :) enjoy your weekend.


  2. Good job on the painting! Looks great! I can certainly sympathize, having painted the rocker and changing table that were donated for Cooper's nursery. That's a lot of work!

  3. The china cabinet looks awesome!!! I know what you mean about the Christmas decorations. My boyfriend asked if we could start this weekend. He doesn't even like to turn the tree lights off in the middle of the night or day. :)

  4. I'm loving the change! Looks terrific!

  5. it looks FANTASTIC! cheers to you. NOT ready for the holidays. i have been sewing like crazy every single day to get things done. hugs, rachel


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